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#The100dayproject / #100daysinthelifeofaline Part 3


I have to say I'm quite proud that I stuck with this little project through all 100 days! Its made me realise that big things can be achieved a little at a time.. just a little bit everyday and it gets done!  

I attached firmer greyboard covers to the book and secured a ribbon between the layers so it could be tied shut - because as I mentioned before its like a big Slinky so needs to be tied closed!

Here are a few of my favourite pages...

... and I liked linking pages..

The final page made me smile - I drew a 'finish line' to finish the line... see what I did there lol 
Also, I started the line with dashes leading into the line and on the last page the line brakes into dashes and leaves the page... closure.

Throughout the entire book I used the same weight pen (Artline 0.8) and pencil, rubber and coloured in with FaberCastell pencils to keep it consistent.

Over the past few days, now its finished, I miss it a little bit... drawing on this continuous line had become a habit.

Here's a video of the last 30 pages - same apologies as for the last video - my sound and video skills still need attention and I still have hayfever - maybe it'll be better with the sound off lol   aaanyhoo

If you'd like to see what other people have done for the #the100dayproject then search that hashtag on Instagram and lots of other projects will come up... maybe it will inspire YOU to take part when it comes around again. :o)

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#The100dayproject / #100daysinthelifeofaline Part 2


I have really enjoyed creating this 10m long concertina book - one page at a time for 100 days!!  The 100 days end tomorrow so I went out early this morning to take videos of the book now it is complete (yes I finished early! woo hoo! get me!!)

Today I'll show you pages 36 to 70, and on Thursday I'll show 71-100...

Here are some of my 'favourites'.. sometimes they are the simplest ones..

The holiday set make me smile - the little car (which I've just noticed doesn't have a driver! lol minor detail...) looks like its ready for anything.. toot toot!

I've included day 57 because the flower went through stages of 'how much detail does it need' and I'd photographed it along the way. I'm sure we all do it: just adding a little bit more... and a little bit more...  I remember thinking maybe I'll add colour and then a voice inside said 'no!, put the pens down & move away from the page!' lol

Here's the video but before you watch the video I'll apologise (again) for the less than steady camera work and for my voice - I sound like I have a terrible cold but its just hayfever :o)
I would apologise for the industrial noises in the background too but that was beyond my control - I went out nice and early so it was quiet but the tree surgeon 3 houses away obviously wanted to get an early start too!
I'm sure you can still hear me but you don't really need to - I'm just showing the pretty pictures!


If you'd like to see all the pages head on over to Instagram and to my page - @jofyjo - and search #100daysinthelifeofaline and all the pages should come up.

See you soon for the next and final installment!


Art Journaling: scraps but not scrappy...

.. at the end of a workshop or demo day I often have bits a pieces left over that are too nice to throw away and so I put them in a box on my desk to use later... (I decorated A LOT of my Flow Calendar book pages with bits and pieces from such a box!)

I came home from my classes at Birds in the Barn on saturday inspired & I wanted to do something with the days 'scraps' and so I put them together on this journal spread..

I'd painted the background during the class with left over demo paints this means that everything coordinates.  I added some DoCrafts rose gold foiled washi tapes that I'd recently bought - they really toned well with the Fresco paint colours as did the 'Fools Gold Embossing Glitter' by WOW! that I used with the compass background - such a lovely sparkly finish which is a nice contrast to the matt paint.
I used a white gel pen to add journalling to the centre of the page - I like how it fills the space but is barely visible.

Keep those 'scraps' - you never know when they'll come in useful!

EDIT: ooh I just thought: making nice things out of scraps makes me happy so from now on I'm naming projects like these 'HappyScraps' - sounds much nicer than just 'scraps' don't you think!

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June Workshops....

I'm teaching two half day card making workshops at Birds in the Barn (Studio 36) on 30th June and there are a couple of places remaining...

If you'd like to spend the morning or afternoon creating lovely cards with paints, inks, embossing powders and stamps then head on over to Birds in the Barn's website and you'll find all the details you need!

Hope to see you there!


Craft Stamper July 2018: Blog Exclusive

Over on the Craft Stamper blog - HERE - you can see the details and instructions for this tag I created for my article in the July issue, now on sale...

Thanks for stopping by...



A spread in my small Dylusions journal to 'document' what I've learned from the events of the past 18 months and that is to..
'do it now' 
ie don't put it off 'til tomorrow because you never really know whats going to happen tomorrow do you - whether its good or bad... so {try to} do it now, today... free up tomorrow by doing it today.

 This spread started off like this...
... a sketched page that had been in there a while and I wasn't sure how to progress it - but the empty space in the bottom left hand corner was perfect for adding words to!

This was a relaxing spread to create - lots of sketching and pencil colouring (Faber Castell Polychromos), the black pen I used is a Posca.


ALBOTAT: using up the scraps.

Sometimes when a project is finished the scraps and 'rubbish' left on the desk are too nice, colourful and interesting to throw away.. so its nice to make something out of them...

I don't tidy my desk very often so there were quite a few scraps on my desk from various projects & class samples and they tied together nicely - pink and green is always one of my favourite colour schemes!  I built this page in my art journal on a page where I'd glued a piece of starry tissue paper thinking it would be a great background for something at somepoint! lol and its a perfect background for this spread.

This took very little time - lots of gluing down, a touch of stamping and some neon pink scribbles and its done!

I encourage you to try this - gather the 'bits' on your desk and play with them - if they came from a project where the colours coordinated then it makes sense that they'll work again in another setting.. win win

Have fun!


ALBOTAT: Spring is blooming!!

This journal page was inspired by the garden and the arrival of spring and, hopefully soon, summer! (fingers crossed lol) Our garden has been getting more colourful by the day and I love the surprises it throws up.

I like to keep some white space on my journal spreads but on this one I scribble wrote all over the page on top of the original sketch

I really like how it looks when you paint over it - just about visible but not legible.. its not interfering with any added layers...

Once I'd finished reinstating the design with paints and a Posca paint pens - love those A LOT!!) I scanned it on the computer. I cleaned up the scan by removing any background marks leaving only the scribble flowers.  I printed it out on my toner printer onto a vintage book page - ooooh that was a good print!  such a great image it was hard to cut it up!! lol

I carried on sticking and colouring- I'd originally planned to stick the printed flowers over the matching ones on the journal page but decided the spread needed more flowers (are there ever enough flowers!) - and I also kept thinking 'its needs more colour'  - until finally, with the addition of swipes of neon pink gel pen, I was finished!

I really like that the pages are bright and colourful but also still have a lot of 'white' space.. space to 'breathe'.

Thanks popping by


Craft Stamper Magazine, July...

.. available in all WHSmith shops and independent craft stores now (and online if you'd rather get your creative fix that way!).. and I'm happy to have a project in there this month...

Its a really lovely summery issue - you won't be disappointed!


"I just don't have anything to wear..."

... or "lets play dress-up!"...

Today I have a fun project over on the PaperArtsy blog - the current theme is Paper Dolls and my project is a nod to our (my) childhood...

Go HERE to read all about it.

Also - can I just say a BIG 'thank you' to my Dad who made the furniture featured in the blog post - originally made for me (and my Sindy doll) when I was a child... there is also a four-poster bed and dressing table! Gorgeous, and my mum sewed bed drapes and bedding - a very talented pair! x


Love Life canvas workshop....

... at Keep on Crafting Bury St Edmunds!

This workshop on the 9th June is a lovely one (even if I do say so myself! lol)... You can work with the colours I've chosen (as shown in the sample above) or choose your own.  The same goes for the words - if you don't want to use Love/Life then you could, for example, choose a name or another word (as long as its short - not discombobulated or something equally as long! lol)

If you fancy a lovely painty, inky, stampy day then contact the shop on 01284 701101 or to book your place.

Hope to see you there


#The100dayproject / #100daysinthelifeofaline

On April 3rd 2018 I, like lots of other people on Instagram, started the #the100dayproject.  We committed to making something for 100 days and posting our progress up on Instagram.

I agreed (with myself) that I would take part in the 'project' as long as it was 'simple' and 'doable'... and it would be something that I would only post on Instagram... but its seems a shame not to put an update on my (slightly neglected) blog every so often.

The project is now a third of the way through, and earlier this week I made a very quick video to show how my project was coming a long... or maybe that should be 'how long' my project is getting!
You see my project is a 10x10cm concertina book of 100 pages, which I made myself (so much for keeping it simple but I really enjoyed making the book so it wasn't too much of a hassle).  A continuous drawn line will run across the 100 pages - each page is different - sometimes they will be linked in someway and sometimes they will stand alone - but they will always be joined by the line. At the end of the 100 days it will measure 10metres!

Its like a Slinky (remember those?!) made out of paper!

Some of the connected, pages...

Some of the stand-alone pages...


So here's the video (please excuse the wobbliness - simultaneously walking, talking and videoing (while bent over!) is quite tricky! lol)

You can see all the pages on my Instagram pages at @jofyjo and at the end of the project I'll do another (hopefully less wobbly!) video.

You can see all the other #the100dayproject artists by searching the hashtag on Instagram - go take a look as there are lots of great projects out there!

Thanks for popping by!

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