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11 July 2015

PaperArtsy: New Products: Day 7

Hi, another evening of JOFY stamps.. tonight its all about JOFY38 and you can pop over to the PaperArtsy blog (click the button) for some more fabulous samples from my 'wingmen'.... (and thanks to Leandra for her lovely projects too.)

Here are a couple more samples from the recent demo day I mentioned yesterday.  I LOVE the dandelion/seedhead on this plate - I can see me using this image A LOT!

These last two cards are coloured using the Fibralo pens, and have a nice watercolour look to them. I stamped the images in Watering Can Archival Ink - this is a different colour for me to stamp main images in - its softer than black (obviously) and I really like it!

Thanks for stopping by - head on over to the PA blog to see more...


10 July 2015

PaperArtsy: New Products: Day 6

Tonight on the PaperArtsy blog is day 1 of new JOFY releases. Its so exciting - I've been so looking forward to showing you these new stamps....
Tonight its all about JOFY37.  You know the drill by now- click the badge to go to the blog post and tonight's video....

The original plan was that Leandra & I would be in the video together to talk you through the new stamps but unfortunately I haven't been very well and so Leandra will do her usual excellent job of taking you through the new stamps and fabulous samples made by my wingmen.

Speaking of wingmen - a big shout out and even bigger 'thank you' to (in no particular order) Kay Carley, Clare Charvill, Lauren Hatwell and Sue Carrington who created the gorgeous samples... 

I haven't been able to create much recently due to ill-health, but here are a couple of samples I made at a recent(ish) demo-day (tonight using JOFY37, JOFY 38 samples will follow tomorrow).... along with Clarence (the name I've given to the caterpillar on JOFY37, Cerys if you colour it in 'girly' colours lol) who was made for me by the talented Terri at The Craft Den, where the demo-day took place. 

How cool is he/she!! Thank you Terri :o)

This card makes me smile - I imagine the caterpillar is looking up at the butterfly and thinking "sigh, one day that will be me" lol    (The quote is from ELB06)

Here's a card I made using new stamps and an image from JOFY36, one of the 'French plates' which Leandra mentions in the video.  I designed these sketched stems to fit into the flowers on the stencil PS009,  but they also fit really well onto the flowers on Lin Brown's stencil PS013
PaperArtsy Stencil {JOFY} 009PaperArtsy Stencil 013 {ELB}

Here's the card - 2 colour blended stenciling, stamping and a the sentiment from JOFY37..  a lovely combination and a nice way to show how the collections can be used together.

I have enjoyed using the new sets and can't wait to use them more when I'm back to full art/crafting capabilities. :o)
I hope you enjoy the new stamp sets - see you back here (and at the PA blog) tomorrow for the JOFY38 and more lovely samples. 


9 July 2015

PaperArtsy: New Products: Day 5

This evening its more lovely stamps and samples from the very talented Lin Brown and her Eclectic Lin Brown stamps.. all the loveliness can be found on the PaperArtsy blog - click the badge to go there...

8 July 2015

PaperArtsy: New Products: Day 4

Tonight is all about Eclectica Lin Brown....  oh my- she has some fabulous samples to show you over on the blog tonight!!  Click the badge to go there.....

Here's another video to make your creative juices fizz and your bank balance nervous - if it isn't already after the previous 3 release videos! So many lovely 'must-have' new products lol

7 July 2015

PaperArtsy: New Products: Day 3

More lovely samples featuring the new Eclectica Emma Godfrey stamps this evening... click the badge to visit the PaperArtsy blog.

6 July 2015

PaperArtsy: New Products: Day 2

Today its all about Eclectica: Emma Godfrey...  Love these pocket scrapbooking stamps - go take a look at the BLOG for lots of gorgeous samples and below is the video for your viewing enjoyment


5 July 2015

Exciting News.....

... over on the PaperArtsy blog tonight and every night this week....

Tonight its all about the Hot Picks line of stamps... and here's the video for your enjoyment.. :o)


24 June 2015

Its a PaperArtsy day....

at The Craft Den, Wisbech this coming sunday (28th June).  Myself and Lin Brown will be there demo'ing and running make'n'takes... if you'd like to come to a make'n'take with either myself or Lin (or both!) then contact the lovely Terri at the shop (number is on the photo below lol) for details and timings..

This is going to be a fun day - there will be lots of samples to look at & demo's to watch... and we'll be demo'ing with our new releases - oh yes, there are new releases.. :o)  So excited!

The official release for lots of lovely new products from PaperArtsy is the week of 05 July over on the PA blog - these product release weeks are packed full of lovely samples from everyone - it makes my head spin a little lol, the JOFY nights are 10th & 11th.... but as  Lin & I will be demo'ing with our new releases at the Craft Den our new products will be in stock at the shop.. so if you want to be one of the first to see and buy them, please come along.

Shop is open 10-4 and Lin and we'll be there all day.

I hope to see you there!


12 June 2015


Yes, bunting... I think I may have mentioned on this blog that I like bunting - I do! Its such a happy decoration!

So you can imagine how happy I was when I found the WeRMemoryKeepers Banner Punch Board!!!!
Be still my bunting loving heart!  :o)

I demo'd the board at The Craft Barn's recent Summer Craft Fest (you can find them here on the shop's site). I made bunting in all sorts of shapes, colours and sizes through the day.. and had time to stamp and make a simple bunting for the shop too...

Here's my clean and simple display at the start of the day... showing the basic shapes that the board creates: pennants from 1inch through to 8.5inches...

I think the small sizes would make great flags for cupcakes (or for a coconut macaroon as I used here).
I mounted a strip of bunting onto a bamboo skewer for ease of showing people how to create a phrase/word bunting during the demo day - these are pennants measuring 2.5in top to bottom - great for the top of a bigger birthday cake, or across a 12x12 scrapbook spread.

The Banner Punch Board is so easy to use - 3 simple cuts will create the basic shape and the icing on the cake is that the board also punches the hole need for the hanging thread!  What's not to love about that!
During the day I cut and stamped this bunting for the shop - the flower stamp is from JOFY36, and the 'stitched' scallop border along the top edge is from JOFY31.


More bunting! Left to right:
1.  I discovered that I could cut a window out of a flag - would look great with laser cut paper laid across the aperture(attached on the reverse), or vellum so that light could show through... or acetate..;
3.  Stenciled pattern;
2-4. Craft Barn pennants:
5.  another aperture flag:
6.  the final flag on right has a smaller contrasting pennant laid on top - easy to create the mat and layered effect because the board works on the same angle, just different heights/lengths.

While I was experimenting I discovered - a bit by accident - that I could cut chevrons (!!) using the board... and here's a simple step on how to:
Cut a length of scrapbook paper/card -  this one is 1.5 x 12in (you can adapt the sizing to suit your need).
Lay the strip up the centre of the board matching up the 1.5in marks so that it is central and straight- its important that the paper is central or your chevron point will be unbalanced
Cut the first chevron, running the blade across the two top edges.  I discarded this shape as had a straight top - not what I needed.

Now you the strip has pointed/chevron ends - you need a 'measure' point - I used the top 8.5in marked line (shown above) to position my paper for each additional cut. Position. Cut. Remove. Position. Cut. Remove.... this is the result!!:

And this is what I created with the chevrons:

(the card measures 12.5cm/5inches) 'thanks' die cut is Poppy Dies (1118 thanks), flowers are Creative Expressions (Dandelion heads)

I had a lot of fun with this great board - makes bunting soooo simple and people LOVED that fact that it punched the threading holes - a serious selling point! :o)

(nb. I bought this product, all views are my own)


31 May 2015

Birthday card....

.... with a bit of everything - die cutting, stamping, painting, embossing and sewing!

all that and it still looks quite clean and simple!

Happy with how it turned out... so happy I made a smaller blue version..

I think this would also look nice with a patterned paper inplace of the painted panel.... so many options!