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15 November 2006

Have been doing lots of creative things - the slide decorations are coming along - I showed them to my SIL and she ordered 2! so that was a good boost for my confidence! I'm going to personalise them and put a piccy of J in one of them, and a piccy of their friends' child in the other. I like that these pieces can be made to suit any occassion - make good bridal favours?

I had a good stock of cards ready for the two craft fairs I'm doing on the 2 December (which is getting scarily close... aaaaaarrrgggghh) but then a previous customers brother popped in on the off chance for cards and bought about 15!!! so now I have to really get my butt in gear!

So less www time and more creating . . . . . . . . . .

7 November 2006

I'm behind already in my 'make something creative every day' challenge! I did the creative thing but didn't upload it. It's not finished but is going well....

I've uploaded a piccy of some samples of my wedding stationery that I'm currently writing some blurb for because... drumroll please... its going to be featured in Somerset Studio Wedding 3 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't put into words how exciting/ scary that is! (I'm trying not to get too excited incase its a thumbnail image on the last page!! - but what the hey - it'll still be in there!!) These are the pieces they selected (and also a book but that's with them and I don't have photo's of it (don't know how that happened!)

5 November 2006

Challenge!... or Discipline??

I'm going to challenge myself to do something creative every day . . . So - whether its cards, or scrapbook layouts or samples for class I'm going to try and do ONE creative 'thing' a day.
I'll post when I can . . . .

This has been inspired by Debbi Crane's Paper Doll Post, where she makes a doll a day... really inspiring.

So to start (and cheating a little) - here is yesterday's!

and one that I made earlier in the week...

Two different looks with one image - the dry embossed christmas tree - I like experimenting to see how many 'looks' you can get with one motif/image/embellishment....


I went to Franklin's yesterday to FINALLY pick up my repaired sewing machine - I didn't realise how much I used it until it wasn't there! I still don't know how I managed to put the needle through the bobbin case inside/underneath the sewing plate??!! doh!
Anyway while I was waiting I wandered around and found these great ribbons - gorgeous teal tassel braid, and the animal print velvet ribbons (mmmmm velvet ribbons!) remind me of the collars Fredd and Phoebe used to have (very posh they looked too!!).
I just loved the colour combo - very inspirational... makes a change from the Christmas theme I'm trying to stick to in preparation for the TWO craft fairs I'm doing in one day!!