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19 July 2007

Its been said that you can heat emboss using a toaster... and the other day I had to put that to the test.
I was creating away -I'd got everything ready -stamped the image, put on the embossing powder, and then I turned round to get the heat gun.. . . . . and realised it was at home! DOH! (yes I realise I should have checked it was at the studio before I started but anyway)
??? heat source, heat source... aha - the studio has a toaster! so I took the piece over to the toaster, held it over it and YES! its true you can indeed heat emboss using a toaster! (but careful - fingers get a bit hot - maybe I should have used my stick with the little clothes peg on to hold it - if only I could find it.......)
(and to clarify - should anyone need/want to try this - don't put the piece IN the toaster - hold it OVER the toaster!!)(..while its turned on...)(...you realised that though didn't you...)

So here it is - my toaster embossed tag!!


  1. ahhh, the good old toaster days ... I remember burning the card as well as the powder the first few times I tried !! LOL
    great toasted tag by the way ;-)
    isa x

  2. lol @ dont put it in the toaster!!!