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6 October 2007

The Cat's Book....

I had a day in the Studio this week spent finishing projects... here is the finished book about our cats... it only measures about 8cm, using Adirondack dabber acrylic paints and PaperArtsy's Cats Meow 'Cats' plate.

I also cleared up a bit - couldn't quite see the desk top!
and although the desk is nice and big - about 1.2m I'm only working on a space slighly larger than A4! - the rest of the desk is covered in 'stuff' ... I've got to get back into the habit of tidying up at the end of each day (why spend the first 10 minutes of a day clearing up what you did yesterday??!)

(this picture (taken on Monday or Tuesday) is obviously before I cleared up!!) (but when I popped in yesterday as part of my search to find my diary (phew, found it!) to be honest it didn't look much different! lol)

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