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10 February 2009

Little and often.. or twice in one day! I need to pace my blogging...

In Southend we have a shop that sells end of line jewellery - cheap - and I mean cheap! I go in there every-so-often to see what I can find. I buy necklaces etc some that I might wear but mainly ones that I have no intention of wearing - I just want them for the great little embellishments - especially at the moment with the current trend of charm necklaces -I bring them home to dismantle them and make something else out of them.
I bought this bracelet the other day (I liked shapes- thought they had potential) and collaged it with some pieces of my favourite Basic Grey papers from the Scarlett's letter range (this way I can keep the lovely paper forever!). To give you an idea of size the rectangle panels are 4.5cm high.
You can see what it was like before I customised it from the inside - sorry I forgot to photograph ready for some 'before and after' shots. doh! I was too excited and inspired to stop and take photos! lolIts not quite finished - got to seal the surface with diamond glaze/resin, and in the photo you see those little circles on the right hand panel of the bracelet- don't you think they are just crying out for mini gems?

I've just bought a good book on jewellery and paper (thanks Leandra for having it on her table) and there are some good ideas in there. Inspiring eye-candy, and for more paper based jewellery (among other things!) head on over to Etsy.

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