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Just when you thought ArtsyCraft Events couldn't get any better...

I love working at the ArtsyCrafts events with the uber talented Leandra (PaperArtsy) & Lin(LBCrafts) and their FABULOUS creative weekends... but now they've managed to outdo themselves... if you are drinking while reading this I suggest you put the drink down before you read on....(or spluttering or spillage may occur)

brace yourselves...

In February next year ....

wait for it...... drum roll please...

Tim Holtz will be coming to the UK and teaching classes at ArtsyCrafts! Oh YES!!

You heard correctly - Tim Holtz, the one and only is coming to town!

See - just when you thought AC weekends couldn't get better! There are obviously no ends to Leandra and Lin's talents!
I can't put these things better than Leandra so head on over to the PaperArtsy blog where you'll get all the fabulous details - DON'T miss out - its going to be sooooo good! 
I must be jetlagged because at the moment I can't explain in words how excited I am about this weekend - its going to be so good! SOOOOOOO EXCITING! (there, caps 'll do it everytime!) You'll just have to imagine me doing my happy dance in front of my computer with intervals of happy clapping!!! to a soundtrack of overexcited squealing!

Pace yourselves - go read all the details and get your payment details ready: tickets go on sale 8pm on Monday.

Good luck.  Hope to see you there.


  1. Hi Jo
    I have been checking all the blogs/twitter/facebook 4 times a day and atlast the details. Like you say SOOOO EXCITING, am setting alarms for monday evening. eeeeeek!

  2. So you want to help Mario in Tim's classes then I presume? Will you be dumping Lin and me? LOL Leandra

  3. Anonymous12:24 am

    How exciting Jo, I can imagine your happy dance, mine was more manic!!
    Sheelagh T.

  4. I'm going on the Friday....it's getting closer.



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