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14 June 2012

Fanfare please...

..no, seriously, I'd like a fanfare...

The Queen's Diamond Jubilee was fabulous and definitely had its fair share of fanfares (as a country we do have a flair for pomp and ceremony don't we!)
...so the fanfare is not for that...
...and not because I may be owed a fanfare from back in 1977, for the Queen's Silver Jubilee, when I was dressed like this:
I was a very cute Britannia! lol (ahem, even if I do say so myself)

the fanfare is because... wait for it... we bought a house!!!!
.. not: we're buying a house, oh no -  we have actually bought a house! oh yes! - we've
... got the keys,
... stripped the wallpaper (well, some of it),
... trimmed the garden (I've got secateurs and I am not afraid to use them! lol)
... booked the workmen
... and we move in next week!!!! (7 weeks from offer to completion - not bad!)
I feel there should be a fanfare, if only a little one because this is the 3rd time in the last 12 months we've tried to buy somewhere - well they say 3rd time lucky don't they! 
I kept it quiet because I didn't want to get my hopes up or jinx it. lol  I wanted the keys in my hand before I could do a happy dance! So its all very exciting and we're really pleased (if a little bit knackered from moving!)
And to top it off look what I bought from the owner:
oh be still my vintage-trunk-loving-heart!! Its lovely - and it's travelled in style: one of the labels on the side is for the Orient Express! :o)
Moving into a new house is exciting isn't it?! We found September 1960 newspapers under under one of the carpets - I'm LOVING the illustrations - very 'mad men'esque
So, that's what I've been up to - I hope you're all well and nobody's been affected too much by all this rain! when will it stop!? Its JUNE!! isn't it supposed to be hot & sunny!


  1. Yayyy. Congrats chic. Love the beautiful trunk,gorgeous and the lovely newspaper.
    Jeanette xx

  2. Yay, at last!!!!! Congrats to you and Matt, you must be thrilled....when's the house warming party????????

    L. x

  3. How brill, still local? - cats relocated OK, decided which rooms they are taking over? I'm in the midst of selling my mother's place, hopefully goes through next week, that will have been 8 weeks.
    Love the house piccy...

  4. wow new house and funky supplies . . life couldnt be better

  5. Exciting stuff well done

  6. Happy for you, very stressy moving house. Love the the trunk I have similar which i bought over 30 yrs ago. hope you have your craft space mapped out! Love Fracnesca

  7. Congratulations!

    How exciting. I can remember when we bought our house, it was great and fearing at the same time.

    We needed more then a few weeks to move in (11 month), so lucky you.

    Great buy you did with it and a wonderful newspaper. We found some babyshoes behind a inbuild wardrobe and a golden ring in the garden. The shoes moved behind some woodencover under the stairs and the ring I'm wearing.

    Have a fab evening. ines

  8. Two Projects
    and Blog Posts in Two Days!!! Wow!And a Fabulous Tag to Boot!