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8 December 2013

and now for something completely different...

... and nothing to do with christmas!!

My lovely hubby Matt bought me a beautiful bouquet of flowers for my birthday in October - and I have only just had to throw them away - how fantastic is that - they lasted such a long time!
(the photo makes the flowers seem VERY lilac/purple lol - they weren't quite so vibrant in real life - quite vintage colours)

I loved them - & I especially like the ornamental cabbages - I had them in my wedding bouquet :o)

I had to throw them away but photographed them first - the cabbages were still lovely but for different reasons - look at the fabulous vein patterns.. & the stems!!!!! so so interesting.. and inspiring - love love love!

...and the petals/leaves that had fallen off were just as lovely - if not even lovelier - great colour combo!
and lets not forget the stems!!! like juicy bamboo - camera hasn't really picked up the colours - from pale lilac through to a gorgeous aubergine colours...

forget the roses and the fancy flowers - just bring me ornamental cabbages!


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  1. So pretty, and how fabulous that they've lasted this long! I can see why you love the pattens and colours.


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