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9 July 2016

Our house....

... over at PaperArtsy this evening I have a blog post featuring 'paper piecing' - click on the photo below to go there...

After I'd finished making this project (using JOFY29) I had some bits and pieces left over (I always seem to make more than I need - I like to have choice!) and so not wanting to see them go to waste I created another little project..

This time its a simple card starting with stamping images in black onto a white card base to form a background:

.. and these are (some of) the leftovers:

Here is the finished card....
the eagle-eyed of you may notice I've replaced a couple of green branches with book text - and that's because the overall look was too 'green' - using the booktext neutralised it a little bit.

I love how this card looks - and how my houses look when they're stamped onto patterned paper.

I kept looking at this card and it reminded me on something.... maybe something way back had inspired me......

(I am a child growing up in England in the 1970/80s).  I like how Paddington is the only coloured (dimensional) element and everything else is flat/sketched..
(not that I am in any way shape or form comparing my stamps to the charm of the Paddington illustrations!)

Kids tv back when I was growing up was GENIUS!! but I suppose all generations think that don't they... I am a child of the Blue Peter generation!  (bring on the sticky back plastic!) (my husband even has a Blue Peter badge! (its not why I married him, obviously!))

Have fun with paper piecing - and don't forget to head over to the PaperArtsy blog to see what myself and all the other contributors have created for this theme.



  1. Wow a Blue Peter badge in the family...respect! Love your very creative project today...thank you so much for sharing and for the inspiration. Love the text and the greens and the layout is fun x Love Paddington too xxxxx

  2. You're right, it does remind you of Paddington (loved Paddington!) your "spare" project is as gorgeous as the first...

  3. This is brilliant, Jo! And yes, kids TV was genius back then, Jo x

  4. Brilliant Jo. I have a Blue Peter badge.... well if only I could find it.

  5. Love the project - and love the Paddington bear photo! As I looked it I could even hear the theme tune going round in my head! Good old Paddington and mr gruber!


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