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... and breeeeeaathe..

... you know that feeling when you've finished having a big 'tidy-up and finish-up' session and you can breathe and think again.. well that's how I felt last week when I started a day as 'tidy-up Tuesday' and it ended up as a 'tackle-it Tuesday' ... in a good way...
(ok, that might be a diplomatic way of saying I got distracted and started making things instead of tidying things.... but in a good way!)

My workroom needed attention - it always needs attention! lol   You have to be in the right frame of mind to have a BIG clear-out and tidy up don't you!  and I was IN that frame of mind - I was going to be ruthless, determined and focussed!!

and I was....

... until I found myself constantly stepping over a masterboard (on the floor) I'd made as part of a Roben-Marie Smith online workshop (you can find the class HERE ... great class that pushed me out of my comfort zones - and thats a good thing!).... this A2 sheet has been moved several times and I realised the easiest way to tidy it up and stop annoying myself by needing to step over it was to make something with it!...

and that is when it stopped being 'tidy-up Tuesday' and started being 'tackle-it Tuesday'....  The 'tackle-it' being to finish using this piece from the class...

...much more fun!

During the tidy-up I'd found a junk journal style sketchbook I made a while ago along the lines of Dina Wakely's mixed media journal - its has canvas paper, manilla tags, watercolour paper - different types of papers and I'd sewn it together by hand...  this mini book would be ideal for covering in a piece of the masterboard!!

I removed the hand sewn binding and ran along the spine with my sewing machine using bright pink thread and big/long stitches..

I created a cover from bits of the masterboard, sewed them to the minibook, added some fabric strips as binding and voila..!!

I was on a roll.... next came a portfolio style junk journal..

After cutting the pages for the above book I was left with lots of strips of a similar size, so not wanting to see them go to waste I made this dinky little book! (3x2.5 inches)  (what's not to love about a teeny tiny book!!)

.... and then a sketchbook (from a (small) pile of  books on the desk) received a make-over with a panel of the masterboard - I think this still needs a bit of work - a bit of white pen doodling...
(the book is only 4x4 inches - such a cute size!)

I've been sticking off-cuts and left-overs in it for a while - 31 pages - might use it for the 31 days in August... maybe...

Last but not least... a book I made with a recently purchased die (Sizzix 660331) was given patterned front and back covers..

This was a really fun way to use the masterboard created in Roben-Marie's class - lots of items created AND my workroom is a little tidier.... win win!



  1. Much prefer tackle it to tidy it... your large masterboard and the end results are fantastic!

  2. Brilliant! Much more fun than tidying too! No more stepping over the master board either!! Chrisx


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