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3 June 2018

ALBOTAT: using up the scraps.

Sometimes when a project is finished the scraps and 'rubbish' left on the desk are too nice, colourful and interesting to throw away.. so its nice to make something out of them...

I don't tidy my desk very often so there were quite a few scraps on my desk from various projects & class samples and they tied together nicely - pink and green is always one of my favourite colour schemes!  I built this page in my art journal on a page where I'd glued a piece of starry tissue paper thinking it would be a great background for something at somepoint! lol and its a perfect background for this spread.

This took very little time - lots of gluing down, a touch of stamping and some neon pink scribbles and its done!

I encourage you to try this - gather the 'bits' on your desk and play with them - if they came from a project where the colours coordinated then it makes sense that they'll work again in another setting.. win win

Have fun!


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