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19 December 2019

Lets play a game....

... a game of 'Pairs'... JOFY stylee...

Pairs is a game we play with all the family, usually at christmas (as Monopoly was 'banned' many years ago lol) because all ages of the family can play.
So when I saw this in the Flying Tiger shop earlier this year I had to buy it - a lightbulb went on in my head:
... a box of blank memory cards (or Pairs as we call them) - I could make a set of JOFY Pairs!!!

And here they are:

All the cards are stamped with images from the JOFY range - part or complete, either from A5 sets or minis...  its taken a while to complete - I didn't rush it - I stamped pairs of cards when I happened to be using a suitable stamp.

And yet again I am thankful I have a stamping platform as this made the repetition of the images very easy:

I kept the images all black and white - it makes remembering where pairs are a little bit harder (no splashes of colour to jog the memory) and I also used similar images (such as the flowers on tiles in the photo above: centre/middle row and 4th from left/4th row)... I like to make the search a little bit challenging!  :o)

I love how these turned out - clean and simple - and I look forward to playing with them over the festive period!

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  1. what a fab idea - hope your fiendish use of only black and white doesn't cause as many arguments as Monopoly! Have a very Happy Christmas and a fabulous New Year Helen xx


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