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How much creative stuff can a person cope with?!

In the past week creative stuff has landed on my doorstep in a steady stream.... and I think it may be possible to have too much as now my head is full of too many ideas! - and there are not enough hours in the day to play with it all! and do all the day to day stuff a person has to get through (or maybe I just spend too much time on the internet and/or generally wombling about?!).. or to decide what to play with first!!

Here is a taster of the goodies.....

Gorgeous stamp stets from 'close to my heart' sent over from the States ($ to £ is definitely in our favour at the moment, shame not to make the most of it!)

Papercraft Publications! Yay! American magazines are sooooo much better quality than those from the UK - but the UK is definately catching up.

I subscribed to this French home/craft magazine just after christmas... the photography is fantastic and the ideas really unusual.... but as its all in French I don't understand a word of it (!) so yay! for online translation sites!

And as if that wasn't enough - I found these at the local shops!...

the card toppers were in the £shop and though I don't normally like this sort of thing I thought these had potential... we'll wait and see...

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