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6 October 2008

Box + Kitten

I'll try to not let this blog turn into a Lola appreciation site! (yes, her name is now Lola - not Mabel, Mabel didn't flow!) but how cute is this photo!! lol ... I'm putting this photo up to show what her bed is made out of.... I've learnt from past pets that a cardboard box is just as good as a nice new bed and this just isn't any old box - this is a box that contained Bazzill.
gorgous paper + gorgous kitten - perfectly suited!
Hopefully it will somehow teach her that paper is good, special and not something that should be chewed or sat on!(she's already chewed the corner of one of my 'house of cards' (see previous post) cards. bad cat. bad cat!)

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  1. Lola is just adorable! Have fun with her. Wish we had another kitten but older cat will not stand for another kitten. Love your works, just outstanding.


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