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Slightly lacking in Christmas spirit...

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Jo Firth-Young
2 weeks ago

.. now if that doesn't kick start a person into updating their blog I don't know what would! lol

but the thing is itsgotten distinctly un-christmassy in our house - oh yes we've put the tree up (gorgeous white tree - yes white - last year it was up side down with very bright decorations this year its white and slightly more muted)(the tree looks slightly ghostly...), we've bought the presents and we've lined up our christmas movies - Fred Claus and its a wonderful life BUT and this is a very big BUT...
our lovely, affectionate cat Fredd caught a virus (no idea how because he doesn't go out!) and was literally fading away in front of us - wouldn't eat, wouldn't get up - nothing. zilch. so off to the vets where he spent almost 3 days at the vets on a drip where they filled him full of all kinds of things but he still wasn't responding very well... he came home and I seriously thought I would get up one morning to find out he had died in the night. BAH HUMBUG. Cancel christmas! Aaaanyway a shot of valium later, and yet more tablets and he's gradually getting better... SLOWLY..
So OK I might re-instate christmas...
Losing 2 cats in one year would have been really hard, really sad.
(though there were light moments in all this - the valium shot made him really want to eat but he wasn't completely in control of himself - practically face down in the food, and he couldn't walk in a straight line - it was like he'd had one sniff too many of the catnip... which was v funny in a 'you've been framed' type way)

So, not much creating has been done - I've made some christmas cards (but only because I had to - had a commission) - will add them to the slide show on left when I get a minute - hopefully more will get done this week... Fredd's health allowing - I know you can't put your life on hold for things like this but its hard to concentrate...

I looked at Tim Holtz's blog the other day which got me all inspired so maybe I'll revisit that and see where it takes me...

I might put up some pictures of the christmas tree - its so pretty - well I think so anyway - but as always I still think it needs more decorations! lol When we take the tree down I might count how many decorations are actually on it..... I'll keep you posted..... (and Lola, the kitten, has been very good and not played with too many decorations... yet)

AAAAAAAnyway - on a positive note (too much doom and gloom so far.. lol) had some more work published in Craft Stamper this month (yeay) - in shops now.

Thats all folks.


  1. I hope Fredd is better soon Jo. x

  2. Anonymous6:12 pm

    slide show is on the right....

    So sorry to hear about Freddie being poorly. Really hope he gets better soon.

  3. left... right... lol ... always a bit of a challenge for me! ...

    the slide show is over there..


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