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I had a great couple of days teaching at Card Inspirations last week (hopefully will get around to posting some photos soon). NB - The new class listing is out now - contact the shop for details (my classes are listed on the right).

aaaayhoo they've recently received their stock of Spellbinders '...abilities' - you know: the nestabilities, impressabilities etc etc etc and they were FLYING off the shelves!
I managed to get one of the impressabilities - I wanted to try it out and see what could be done with it. These are basically thin dye cut metal sheet used for embossing - bit like a brass stencil but with daintier designs. I picked up the 'flowers' design.
Right, now, I know that putting these embossinging plates through a Cuttlebug issn't easy... but seriously! A person could do themselves (or their machine!)(or both) damage trying to do this!!!!! roflmao

So this is how it went :
its all set up: A plate, B plate, tan embossing mat, card stock, impressability die, C plate (I can't remember in what order I had those stacked up) - all nicely staggered (thats important - STAGGER THE PLATES)... and wind the handle....go on: more pressure, WIIIIIIND the handle.... OK move Cuttlebug to floor. kneel over it for more pressure and..TURN the handle.... ooooh ooh its moving (not very fast and not very easily but its going!).. TUUUUUURRRN the handle... and rest....................................... ok and again ... oooohh its moving and STOP! Make sure nothing breakable is in front of the Cuttlebug (the white plate has a tendancy to leave the Cuttlebug AT SPEED when embossing with these stencils!).. exit route is clear.. and resume turning....... ............. and YAY!!
Phew! Everything has come through and the embossing is really good - well worth the effort! lol
The nice thing about these embossing plates is that they can be cut apart - you don't have to use the whole 4x5in(approx) sheet - its possible to cut them up and just use elements of the sheet- but the stencil is so nice you won't want to do that!

I wiped ink pads over the surface to highlight the effect - v nice!! and cut out the shapes with Nestabilities dies (love those!!)

(I'm now looking at my Habitat lamp 'shade' in a whole new way - basically the same die-cut metal idea - different application...)


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  1. Oooh those impressabilities are really nice! I had hoped to pick some up in Florida not to mention some more Nesties, but we only saw them in one shop and they had nothing new except a labels set I was most tempted by! Ho-hum... I suppose it's a good thing because I could have gone a bit mad on the shopping spree otherwise! ;o)


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