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2 April 2009

How lush are these shoes!!!!!!! MUST HAVE THESE SHOES! I have absolutely NO idea where I would wear them but look at them!? aren't they fabulous! lol (this is why I try not to websurf too much because this is what I find and then a person could obssess about where/ how to get them! lol) (m thought they were a little, and I quote, 'pole-dancery' but I said NO - they have rounded toes so absolutely not! lol I knew what I meant - not sure it made much sense to m though)
(they are from an American company called 'Oh Deer' btw - take a look at the piccies and check out the lining!)
I realise I stand very little chance of owning these shoes so maybe I could just use the picture as an inspiration for pieces of work... (houndstooth very trendy apparently....)

1 comment:

  1. omg - arn't they to die for???

    Wishing I was very much younger and very much richer!!!