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7 October 2009

Things have been a little (!) hectic lately but finding this on YouTube made me stop for a minute! :


...At this time in two weeks I will probably be climbing the walls with excitement 'cos I'll be getting ready to go & see Spandau live again (** years on!) who'd have thought! lol (i'll take the video down soon as I realise not everyone is a fan.... lol)(but come on - how could you not be! lol)

Right must go and do something more constructive... I'm going to be at Card Inspirations on Friday to teach a class and Saturday to demo the Cuttlebug..... 'I love my Cuttlebug'! I say that a lot -its such a great little machine! maybe I should get a t-shirt with that printed on! lol

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  1. Anonymous6:12 pm

    Fab video, not suprised you are excited about seeing them!