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23 April 2010

flowers, bags and an MGM star...

A few good things have come from this whole Ash-cloud-stopping-holiday 'fiasco':

* we have time to paint the outside of the house (actually when I say 'we' I mean DH will have time...)(chuckle)
* I'll have time to paint the back fence in the garden (and I mean 'I')
* I had time to baby sit nephew number 4 (such a cutie, funny little chap) who then gave me these (how gorgeous are the colours!):
* I was available to see Debbie Reynolds in concert at our local theatre... I was really disappointed that we'd be on holiday when she was in town - but see: every cloud has a silver lining! lol  bought the ticket at 7.50pm and she came on at 8.00pm! rofl  I do like to cut these things fine don't I (especially as I thought the concert was the 23rd not the 22nd!! eek almost missed that one!)(and I was brave and went by myself - M was not coming with - no way jose! not after the Art Garfunkel concert: red hot pokers in his ears would have been preferable apparently! rofl)
Sorry about the very dodgy photo - but I chose this one because it shows her in front of a screen playing 'Singing in the Rain' which she's in and that is one of my all time favourite films. I do love an MGM musical!!!
aaaaanyhoo - a very entertaining evening - she still has a great voice... slightly mad but a great voice!

Yesterday I altered a waitrose bag that I'd had my eye for a while thinking that I could make it look prettier than it was:
I like it - linen, buttons, sewing and an applique bird (Prima) - though less gathering of the base fabric (white linen) next time...

Thats it for today I think - the scaffolding for house painting has just arrived so I'd better go take a look..... and its such a gorgeous day - I might go and paint the fence!

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  1. A friend of mine went and saw that show and said that Debbie was amazing - wish I'd gone myself now.
    Love how youve decorated the bag, very pretty.