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What no holiday??!!

You know how a few years ago the trains here in the UK were held up and disrupted due to the 'the wrong type of snow'?  Well now planes can't take off and fly because of the wrong type of cloud!!

You couldn't make this stuff up could you!

I would make more light of it but I'm sitting here looking at 2 cases full of holiday clothes, passports and tickets for 2 weeks in Mexico....

excuse me while I go and unpack the cases......


  1. JO, I feel for you.. DS is going to NY on Monday, then S America...:(

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  3. Jennie, thanks for the comment - it is a shame as we were really looking forward to the holiday - but heyho just one of those things - nothing to be done :o( Hope your DS gets away soon - Monday's not looking good though is it... fingers crossed for him.


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