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back in the land of Blog

I'm sorry - I've been neglecting the blog a bit recently - my www time has been spent looking into the little 2x3in screen of my i-phone.... having an i-phone could make a person lazy 'cos you don't have to get up, go to the pc & and check something on-line you just stretch out your arm and pick up the phone! My electricity bill has probably gone down as a result of having the phone 'cos the PC's not left on during the day! lol But that is no excuse!
I also discovered Twitter... which is a bit of a strange concept because it feels like you're stalking people.. which I'm not, obviously! And it is such a good networking tool - and very funny - the tweets bouncing backwards and forwards during the Eurovision Song Contest were so funny I almost fell off my sofa from laughing!  I like the short, fast message nature of it - how much can you cram into 140 characters?!
So I've put my twitter feed over on the right ... so blog readers can see AAAALLL my ramblings! lol I'd hate for anyone to miss out!

So what do you think of the blog's new layout?  NICE!  Though I'm feeling the posts may be a bit cramped  in the middle with the columns going down the sides but I'll give it a few days to get used to it... or not!  It might be a case of not being able to see the wood for the trees!  Too much info...

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