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Coming clean...

In yesterday's post I mentioned that I had to 'come clean' about something... and so here it is (its not a major 'something') but in the past I've been 'a bit' dismissive about DoCrafts and Papermania products but I believe you should credit where credits due... and I have to say that recently Papermania have come out with some cracking products!  I've always liked the Papermania 12x12 plain scrapbooking cardstock - great for stamping on and constructing things from, and now they have these:
These chipboard pieces are great! They are so much better than I expected - for just less that £3.00 the square/scalloped books have about 6 pages of sturdy board and book rings. This means you could use it to create 1 book completely made of board pages or use the boards as covers for 3 books!! or a hanging... something-or-other.  A budget little beauty!  I don't know how well they'll take paint etc - I'll keep you posted - but for under £3 its worth a punt!
The books that spell out a word - I chose the Home and Love versions - are reeaaaally nice!
The stamp set is great too for putting dates on projects - the 'handwritten' text is unfussy, easy to read (not all handwritten types are) and came in several sizes in the same pack!!! all for under a tenner!  and as the font of the numbers is unfussy and clean it can be altered, doodled up, embellished - Love it! Would work equally well on distressed or clean projects.
I was a happy little crafter when I left the shop with those!  lol
There I said it - '...DoCraft product is really nice' its not a sentence that comes out of my mouth readily or often! (might be a first in fact!)  Its not that they're completely terrible poducts - they're just not generally not my 'thing'.
But don't worry I haven't gone completely over the the dark side......   and its not what you buy its what you do with it.....


  1. Lol, generally I am not a huge docrafts fan but I also saw these at such a good price and thought I must try them sometime, the plain boxes they had to decorate in that range also look good. :)

  2. Thanks for an honest review.
    I sometimes worry because some brands sell versions for a cheaper price they will be cheaper quality.
    Obviously not in this case:)

  3. I bought some DoCrafts stamps the other day and they were very cool. These look great too.

  4. Ooh, I like the look of those stamps - very useful. I get SO frustrated with numbers and months but I NEED some.


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