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Hello!  Welcome to my new workroom!

This month I have a couple of articles in Craft Stamper firstly this:
...and secondly I'm the subject of the 'meet n greet' article - I really enjoyed answering the questions - was fun.. and it included pictures of my workspace.. I'll show updated shots of my workroom another time (its an ongoing project!).
I'm feeling v spoiled to have a new room - its lovely & airy.... but I'm not going to show you my desk - there's not much on it (just things waiting to be put away!)
I'm going to show you my floor! lol
Yes, the floor...
Could we all please take a moment to look at my lovely floor! rofl FOUR COATS OF FLOOR STAIN that had to be rollered on while kneeling!!!!!! sore knees (until my lovely dh bought me a pair of knee pads - fab!!).. sore everything actually - but it was worth it - I love the colour!... and now I'm going to cover quite a lot of it up with a rug! lol  It has such a lovely sheen to it - thank you Dulux for your lovely product! lol - the colour is Ebony in case you're wondering   :o)
So thats my new room - can't wait to get settled in and get crafting...

For more desks and snooping the information is here - sit awhile and snoop around - its fun!

Hope you're all well - have a good day


  1. Can't wait to see how your new room turns out - so exciting! Darn it, I wasn't going to buy Craft Stamper this month (economy drive) but now I've seen the sneaky peek of your article I know I'm going to head for the newsagents! Jo x

  2. Happy new room! But I suspect that (as the photo shows) this might not be just your room! That floor is delish - want floorboards now...! I have CS but haven't got past page 10 - curse school holidays! I'll read all about you by September...!

  3. fab colour for the floor,look forward to reading your article in my mag
    have a super woyww
    kay #82

  4. Congratulations on the articles! THe floor looks wonderful, even if you are going to have a rug over the top of it! Enjoy sharing your room with your feline friend! Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.71

  5. I love the color of your floor! I can't wait to see how your room evolves. Oh, if only I had a designated crafting space.....

    Congrats on the articles! Very cool

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay #31

  6. Love the floor, and you oh so curious cat! Can't wait to see how you continue with the room - so hurry up please! And well done on a couple of great articles.

  7. That floor is gorgeous. I'm a fan of dark wood floors...they just look so rich and full of clour.

  8. Nearly missd you on the snoop parade, still haven't got my copy of the CS, hopefully tomorrow. Love your puss, how long will the floor stay clean. Love francesca xxx #92


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