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31 October 2012



 My lead up to halloween started 10 days ago on my birthday when we went here:
It was such a good show!!  We were supposed to see it last year, unfortunately missed it, and all I can say is it was worth the wait (and also I really shouldn't listen to 'Defying Gravity' in the car when I'm driving or I will get a speeding ticket!)
Hats off the actress who played Elphaba because, apart from being fabulous, she was painted really green - not just 'looking a bit peaky'- but vibrant green - almost the colour of the lobby behind me in the photo above... lol

It was such a good show: the music, the costumes, the sets - oooh yes the sets - with their steampunk theme
You *have* to go & see Wicked if you get the chance - you'll look at the Wizard of Oz in a whole new light  :o)

Aaaaanyhoo on to Halloween!!
I went to Hobbycraft for the first time in ages last week and saw this:
which got the creative cogs whirring and I turned it into this:
... with the help of PaperArtsy Halloween stamps (love love love the big skull!).. (not the greatest photo - not showing up the lovely silver edges of the cobweb (lovely pewter treasure gold).. it makes me chuckle - the three skull are like a Halloween Boy Band!
I ventured into Asda last week too - had a tip off they had lots of halloween products - and the tip off was a good one - I left with a skeleton banner, a light up skull and a mini tombstone! woop woop - whole lot for under a fiver! kerching! lol
great for staging halloween creations.....
So that's my little venture into Halloween for this year...

Tomorrow its back to thinking about Christmas!! 54 days to go!  better get baking the mince pies, making lists, making cards and dusting off the decorations.....


  1. I hate your scary countdowns to Christmas, it gets me in a panic!! I do love that cobweb though, and especially how you've altered it.

  2. Don't get me started on Xmas, love your spooky purchases. I'm hoping to be at the Craft Barn on Sat, so I can pick up my top from Spray. See Ya Love Francesca

  3. Anonymous12:01 pm

    Baking the mince pies.... really Jo? Really....?

  4. Noooo I'm REALLY behind on my Christmas cards this year and really don't know where I'm going to magic it up from. Need some Kris cringle time stopping magic LOL love your spooky stuff tho
    Happy craftin

  5. Love the Spooky bits. I always seem to get into Halloween mood when its all over! Haven't had a chance to sit down for more than 5 mins this evening before getting up to hand out the treats!!! Why is it none of the children have any tricks planned???!!!
    Don't think about Christmas! Got ages to go .... Haven't we???!!! Maybe not!
    Take care. Lynne x


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