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10 March 2013

Happy Mothering Sunday!...

.... to all you Mum's out there...  I just have two furry babies and they are proved themselves very lacking today - no flowers, no chocolates - they didn't even bring me a nice cup of coffee this morning!  Have they not watched the cats in cartoons?? - they walk on their hind legs and carry a cup in their front paws... do mine?? Nope.  but hey ho lets not hold it against them - they don't trash the place either... so I'm thankful for that - and they are very lovely so its all good!
I work in a shop a couple of days a week, and judging by how busy it was yesterday there are some very lucky, spoiled Mums today!  I like working in the shop on the days leading up to events like Mother's Day - the shop has a really nice feeling about it.

Here's the card I've made for my mum - but sssshhhh - its a secret - she hasn't seen it yet... the family is going round to my parents for dinner this afternoon (hopefully the snow will hold off - it has been trying to snow all day - soooo cold!):

This is her Mother's Day card - I'm off to make her another one now because its her birthday on Wednesday...

Hope you are all having a lovely day whatever you're up to..


  1. Really gorgeous... at least your mother will have a lovely day!
    Alison x

  2. It is beautiful Jo x

  3. Such a pretty card. I'm sure your mum was delighted with it.