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10 May 2013

The Stamp Attic....

.... is where I'll be next weekend:

Saturday May 18th 2013 
 is card day, making cards with JOFY stamps, inks and paints........

Sunday May 19th 2013
create a 20cm canvas with JO
FY stamps, Fresco Paints, Inks and Paper......

There are a few places left so if you'd like to come to and get inky, painty with me contact the shop to book your place.
I'm really looking forward to it & I'd love it if you could join me!


  1. Anonymous10:19 am

    oh I would love to do this, but a bit too far for me ! Will you do these classes at The Craft Barn ?

  2. I have classes at the Craft Barn and will be demo'ing at the extravaganza (June 01/02).. keep an eye on their site and my teaching page (button under main banner) for further details.