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19 July 2013

Flower Filled Mini adventure part 2....

... I took 'quite a few' photos so here's a few more....

Daisies - big bright happy flowers - what's not to love about them!
 ... and these wierd and wonderful flowers- look spikey but actually soft - love the prehistoric look of these..
 and these - they look as if they're from another planet - props from an episode of Star Trek! lol
and they're carniverous - flies watch out!
... and these are sooo pretty...
 ... these roses are amazing - so beautiful! They're like a oil painting...  all these colours from one plant! gorgeous..
 ... and last but not least... be still my lupin-loving heart!  This is what I'm aiming for in a corner of my garden! (as long as I can keep the snails, slugs and earwigs away! lol chemical warfare will soon commence in my on-going battle with those critters!)

The planting of the flowers was just as inspiring as the plants themselves:

Love this 'wildflower' look especially the white Eryngiums at the front - I going to be growing some of those (wish me luck!)

.. a similar scheme here - chalky white & greys with splashes of pink and claret all framed by the green - I think I could recreate this look with a bit of Fresco Finish in Snowflake, Concrete, Sherbert, Claret, Blood Orange, Elephant & Tinned Peas .....  (?! lol)

OK, now I've shown you all these pretty pictures I'd better go and water my garden - the plants are enjoying the heat but only when they're watered - like the rest of us!

Enjoy the weather


  1. Gorgeous pictures Jo..love all daisy type flowers and anything spikey!!

  2. Love them all. You've been very selective in your sharing - I could look at loads, personally!

  3. Ooh... lots of inspiration for more stamps!
    Alison x