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16 July 2014

A house that JOFY built....

... or that should really read another house that JOFY built, because last Sunday I taught another house project (I like houses almost as much as I like bunting!), this time at the Craft Barn- very different from the last one - this house (or is it a shed?) has a lovely summery garden feel to it.. full of bits and pieces..

My original sample looked like this, using my JOFY Limited Edition paints (now sold out) and I loved this house but the naughty people at the manufacturers have discontinued it!!....eek...

so quick redesign and it looked like this...
I think I like this version a little bit more than the first - more layers and spaces to fill with 'stuff'... its the same but different.

The class created a row of houses:

They did a great job - there's lots of bits and pieces in there - fun project to create - I can see more of these being made for all sorts of occasions and themes...

and look - I used YELLOW!! yes I did - YELLOW!!!
Yellow is not one of my 'go to' colours - I don't wear it, don't decorated using it and I don't craft with it but this might change now because I like how this flower looks - fresh and bright, and juicy looking!
Bring on the yellows! lol

All items are available at The Craft Barn - this house would make a great christmas gift for a greenfingered friend/family member (and yes, I did just say christmas!!... just sneaking it in there! lol)



  1. your house is gorgeous... but I am shocked that your paints are sold out... I need to stock up on dusty teal and chalk, lol!!

    1. Helen - you'd better be quick - shops will be running out of their stocks soon. :o)

      I'll miss Dusty Teal :o(

  2. Beautiful garden shed, newer houses have a much greater area to play with.

    Sad to read your colours have sold out i was hoping to get some from Port Sunlight in October :-) x

    1. Hi
      I'm sure if you googled the product you'd be able to get a set from somewhere :o)
      good luck!

  3. It's annoying when a favourite product goes out of production. Houses do look good and well done on using yellow!

  4. Eek! A whole village of cute JOFY houses!

  5. Looks good Jo.... have you seen tv prog next week all about sheds! Thurs Channel 4.


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