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2 January 2015

ALBOTAT: Scraps but not so scrappy...

... that they couldn't be used...

I love this pad of basic grey Aston Frost paper, it's a christmas pad but many of the papers can be used all year round and I especially like the green spot and the two striped papers... (do love a spotty paper!)

While I was tidying my desk the other day I found a strip of it the diagonal stripe paper which got me thinking.. you don't always need to always use it diagonally - so I cut some more strips to see/realise how it looks with alternative orientation....(its these little things that keep me distracted from the tidying up!)...

Another scrap on the desk was this red & white patterned piece which was very nice (more about why it was on the desk in the next few days) but the scrap I trimmed off was cute! - nice little scallop border: 

It was perfect for covering over a line of small text on this upcycled tag - it came on a christmas ornament - I like it when that happens: a nice ornament with equally nice tag! bazinga! lol

Sometimes 'scraps' are perfect for a project however small they might be...



  1. Such a pretty tag! Very nice papers too. Happy New Year!

  2. Lovely tag & papers!