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6 April 2015

Mono printing with a gelli plate ....

... again...
I think making gelli prints might be a little bit addictive - no idea yet what I'm going to do with all the prints but am enjoying the learning/experimenting (re-learning/re-visiting) process.. also I'm sharing/showing you these because I can't show you other secret bits and pieces I'm currently working on ....

I'm printing onto 120 weight paper - the sort you'd use in your printer - I find its strong enough to take the paint but still light enough to find all the nooks, crannies and detail of a stencil.
Even though I'm using the larger gelli plate I'm still pulling A5 prints too..

Like this one, the very first (a5) print off the plate (that's why there are tiny bubbles in the print- a coating of some sort)  - the plate was coloured with Tinned Peas and Chartreuse blending with a roller, then I removed some paint with bubble wrap):

 ... then pulled this print - I like the way the a5 print has created a clean space and a 'frame' print on the a4 sheet:

 and this is the two prints laid up together:

Here's a Mermaid version (everything looks nicer when its painted Mermaid! lol).. I think this started as a 2nd generation print as the background isn't a solid colou, and I'd also laid onto the plate 3 die cut scribble circles to act as a resist.... this is the a5 print that I pulled and when dry added a print of bubble wrapped rollered in Bougainvillea (Mermaid + Bougainvillea = FAB colour combo! lol)

The remaining colour print pulled to reveal a frame (as before)

and the two laid up together:

These are mixed prints - clean up prints or the 'lets see what this looks like' prints - and also prints where I've 'stamped' bubble wrap onto to a ghost/clean up print - I like these - the print is less blocky and you have all these subtle images, layers and colours.

This 'print' is actually a page where I cleaned the roller several times - I like it! lol  nothing's wasted... & afterall - its just paper - whats the worst that can happen..

I can see these prints all being made into a journal, or stamped onto to create a masterboard.... so many options.. and one print leads to an idea for another print - its quite addictive...
and what I also like about it is that its surprisingly 'un-messy'! - all the 'mess' is on the plate which is cleaned up by making another print!  bazinga!

Mono printing with a gelli is fun and relaxing - I think everyone should give it a try :o)

(I have been using the Gelli Arts® 8x10in and 6x6in plates)

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend.



  1. I love my Gelli too, Jo. Well I have two, 8x10 and 3x5 and want a baby round one. And like you, a messy craft which is minimal clean up.

  2. I NEED to get my plate out and play!!! (but must stick to my to-do list today) Your prints are beautiful!!!

  3. Gelli printing is the most relaxing thing to do i agree, like a good therapy session lol. I have two plates the 8 x 10 and the 3 x 5 (which is by far my most used) as i love the different looks you can achieve, i am hoping to get all three of the new round plates sometime soon. Thanks you for sharing your non secret play :-) xxx


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