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8 April 2015

oo la la!

... I'm all packed (well, almost) and ready (eek) for my trip to Paris to demo and teach classes at VersionScrap!  (just a liiiiitttle bit excited!)..

I will be on the PaperArtsy stand (Boutique 01) on Thursday night demo'ing (VIP event) alongside Leandra and Lin Brown - and then teaching 3 classes on Friday - its going to be a lot of fun (hardwork but still a lot of fun!).
One of the classes has sold out, but there are still a few places up for grabs on the Journal & Block class (love these projects!) here are the sneek peeks (and go HERE to book a place)

This is the first class of the day, 10:00 (for 2.5 hours), 'Block of JOFY Flowers'

.. and 'Mini Journal' is at 13:00 (2.5 hours), this is a lovely journal/sketchbook, notebook - all wrapped up..

And there are new stamps!!!  I wanted to design something especially for the show and here they are.. all new images, new phrases and a couple of translations from the most recent English releases (and the spiky flower on JOFY36 fits onto stencil PS009, this time it fits inside within the stencil)


Really looking forward to VersionScrap - everyone says its a lovely show and I can't wait!! 

I got my suitcase out a few days ago - I wanted to give it a 'makeover': one black Carlton suitcase looks very much like every other as they are trundle around the luggage carousel at airports so,  and showing again Fresco Finish paints can be used on pretty much everything, I stenciled an image on the front and back..

I love it!
I recently tweeted reasons to customise luggage:
1. easy to spot on a luggage carousel
2. Ensures partner doesn't borrow it.
3. Its pretty!!
and I'm adding a 4th reason to the list:
4. Why not! 

(I'm travelling to Paris on Eurostar, and yes, I know my newly prettied up luggage won't be on a luggage carousel..)

I think Bertie cat wants to come to Paris - he made himself quite at home IN the suitcase... but I explained that he can't come because he doesn't have pawsport - get it pawsport/passport... no, ok then.. moving on... (apoligies - that was like a christmas cracker 'joke' wasn't it - groanworthy! lol)... aaaany hoo

Then he staged a sit on protest... cute! but still not coming to Paris!

OK, I'd better go and finish packing.. and brush up on my French...



  1. How exciting. ....and what fabulous stamps. ...I hope we can get them here too! Have a great time....

    1. Hi Miriam, I think you'll be able to get them at AllyPally! :o)

  2. Have a wonderful time Jo :-) xxx

  3. I just love your suitcase, love it!! Hope you have a fab time. x

  4. the stamps are great, the case looks fab - and have a wonderful time. I loved it last year.

  5. Great stamps and I love the case. Hope you enjoy Paris


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