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19 October 2015

ALBOTAT: Last minute decisions....

...are sometimes the best.... 

The National Theatre screened a live performance of Hamlet last week on Thursday night to thousands of cinemas across the country and around the world - no pressure on the cast & crew... eeek
I knew that the National Theatre has a program of streaming performances across the country/world and I was curious to see a performance shown in this way... and I liked the idea that across the country there were lots of people sitting down to watch this same live performance, sharing the experience.  (our cinema has 8 screens and 4 of them were showing Hamlet.)

The performance was Thursday evening and I booked the tickets on Thursday morning (the last minute decision of this post title), and I'm soooo glad I did

I've never seen, or studied, Hamlet (I have a basic knowledge of the plot).. It was a brilliant production - Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing in the lead role... the set design was clever, interesting and beautiful (and made me want to repaint our lounge wall dark blue).

It was interesting to watch- the production was soooooo slick that you forgot that you were watching a LIVE theatre performance - but I suppose that is the point.

(image: National Theatre)

If you have tickets to see it at the theatre you are in for a brilliant night - but if you can't get to a theatre (ticket are like gold dust) check cinema listings because this coming Thursday (22nd) lots of cinemas are showing it again ('Encore' NT Live)... I'm tempted to go again!



  1. Like you Jo I sat in a cinema last Thursday evening with my middle son and parents watching this magical performance and was completely transfixed throughout. All attention my have been on Benedict's performance but to me the whole cast were outstanding in their roles and really brought this 400 year old play to life. And yes, like you, I have a hankering to redecorate, though I'm not sure most homes would fit an ornate balcony!!! So good to share this experience with so many people. Bravo NT Live!!! Jenny x

  2. I so wish I had gone.. I can't do this Thursday either. Drat!! What a brilliant idea though.


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