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18 October 2015

Doodling inside the lines...

... My stamp designs lend themselves to all sort of treatments - watercolour, Copic/Promarkers, paint and paper piecing (naming just a few) but one day I wanted to play around with doodling into the designs - a sort of zentangle?? I stamped the same image/motif (from JOFY38) over and over & started doodling - I used the same design/motif because then I can compare the doodles not be swayed by different motifs.
Filling in the spaces with different pen marks or black&white print/pattern... this was a lot of fun and a good way or experimenting with ways of space filling & doodling.... who doesn't love a bit of doodling??
There's no wrong or right -its just pen on paper..

I encourage you to give it a go... pen on paper.... one doodle leads to another.. a little bit addictive.. :o (next step - colour!?!)


1 comment:

  1. Very nice, I do love doodling and it suits your stamps very well.