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5 May 2016

ALBOTAT: Gelli playtime....

I've been playing around with my Gelli® plates recently....

Its hard to choose which of these I like the most - I like the crisp clean lines of the print on the right, but I love the distressed texture of the 'clean-up/ghost print' on the left..

aaah/sigh.. really like the colours on the prints below - bringing in the ACP:2 colours of the month with these gelli prints - 

This piece started off as a clean-up sheet (a page of thickish copier paper that I have on my desk to clean my roller off on) and I was wondering how easy it would be to draw on the Gelli® plate... not with a pencil or pen (that would not go well!) but with a paint brush - so I drew a simple flower (with Bougainvillea Fresco paint - everything looks good in that colour!) and (as I was just trying it out, nothing special, the sheet was probably destined for the bin so nothing to lose) I printed onto the clean up sheet.. and there was a bit of paint remaining so I printed again.... I liked it - drew a couple of stems in pencil and some outline detail... & liked it even more! (it hasn't gone in the bin!)
(and yes, some may say it looks like a small child drew it - but its simplicity is what makes it quite charming... imho!)
(A4 in size, and the flowers were drawn on a 3x5in Gelli® Plate)

Its just paint on paper - no two prints are going to be the same - all part of the process... that what makes printing interesting and a continuous learning curve.


(Gelli® used with permission. Owned by Gelli Arts® LLC)


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