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4 May 2016

Alphabet Colour Project:2 May's colour is....

This post title should really read 'Mays colour ARE...' as I'm lising two colours together because sometimes its hard to know where one of these colours starts and the other finishes lol & they can be one of those 'I say tomahto, you say tomayto! sort of colours.... if you get what I mean, imho)

I'm also bringing in THREE letters this month - that doen't mean three projects (I have enough trouble getting 2 projects done and dusted each month without trying for THREE!....)  I'm bringing K into this month because when I initially drew up the lists I only had 'kraft' listed but its since been joined by knitting and kaleidoscope (but my knitting is not fit for public display - so kraft will be the option and we know how much I love kraft!!)

Pale Teal and Aqua are such pretty, cool colours...

I'm thinking of teaming these colours with brown, dark blue, pale green but my eye is mainly being drawn towards coral,.... ooooh and orange.... so. many. options!!

Turquoise shabby chic dresser:          
photos:  pintrest

You can find my Aqua/PaleTeal/Turquoise Pinterest board HERE!

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  1. You found some great aqua and/or teal shades... what a great month you'll have - good luck!

    1. Thanks Helen - its always fun to put together the moodboard for each month - lots of rummaging around in boxes and drawers lol


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