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18 June 2016

ALBOTAT / Holiday makes..... Part 3

... so this post is less of a 'holiday make' & more of a 'holiday take' .... this is a picture of taken of me with Morgan the monkey who each week visits the hotel we stayed at to 'promote' the sanctuary where he lives...

So adorable!  He was so light! I hardly felt him sitting on me and his fur was really soft... an excellent ambassador for the sanctuary (& would do anything for snacks/treats).

I passed on having my photo taken with a HUGE iguana the next day, and the bird of prey the following day.... if its not cute & furry I'm not interested! lol



  1. Morgan the monkey looks so cute. Glad that he is promoting something positive too! You look so relaxed in the sunshine Jo. Hope that it is doing you a power of good! Xx

    1. aw he was so cute - wish we could've spent more time with him - he was very well trained and well behaved... I completely forgot to ask what type of monkey he was but I did ask how old (6) because it was hard to tell as he was so small!
      we're home now - the two weeks went by too fast - and yes it was lovely and relaxing! :o)

  2. Reminds me of pics taken at seaside as a kid, with tiny monkeys.... glad you enjoyed break, and what wonderful art you make, on hols!!


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