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16 September 2016

Be still my Gelli® print loving heart....

Last Sunday I spent a 'Gelli® plate play day' with Emma, Emma, and Leandra (such a good day) and the following Monday I was still inspired so I thought I'd get creative... 

I decided I needed to work bigger than the previous day's experiments so I laid out my 12x14in Gelli® plate.... now we're talking!... so much lovely space to play with!

This was only going to be a quick printing session (unfortunately other things to do - don't you hate it when real life gets in the way of creative time!).. but it was a good session AND I remembered to take photos!!

Here we go:

Adding paint to the Gelli® plate - spacing them out, then spreading and blending across the area with a brayer.

I laid my chosen masks onto the wet plate: (LOVE these three 'deconstructed lilies' masks from Stencil Girl, available from That's Crafty)

This is the first print I pulled, I really like the different colours blended through, and how the masks lay over the edge of the plate/print:

Once the first print was pulled, I removed the masks which revealed paint underneath where they had been - so I pulled this print:

and this is the clean-up/ghost print:

I liked those prints so much - but you must know by now from reading this blog - I love a bit of vintage printed paper!... so laid the masks out again and printed some more:

I love how these turned out - can't bring myself to cut them up! Might need to frame them in someway!

I think these might be the first of many!

If you don't have a Gelli® plate yet go and get yourself one - they are such a good mixed media tool.  Seriously! You won't be disappointed.  

PaperArtsy will have Gelli® plates at the AllyPally show this weekend

I'll have some more samples over the next few days....

(Gelli® used with permission. Owned by Gelli Arts® LLC)


  1. Love the prints, it becomes soooo addictive. Always oh just one more, still some paint left, may be another.

  2. Quite often, the ghost prints are the best. I love all of these. xx


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