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27 December 2016

Well reallly!! 2016...

.. 2016, has been an unforgiving year - but on Christmas Day it over-stepped the mark when it claimed George Michael for its list of celebrity passings in this year...

I was so shocked & saddened by this - George Michael has always been in the background of my life - he (as part of Wham!) was on the walls of my teenage bedroom, he's always been on my record player, or on tapes and cd's in my car... and summer has only officially arrived when 'club tropicana' is heard on the radio.. and the same for christmas - its not christmas until 'last christmas' has been heard.. but that tune has a different poignancy now...



  1. All I can say is there will be one heck of a party, with all this talent gathered.

    1. absolutely - Prince and George Michael jamming together would be a wonderful thing!

  2. Sad indeed 😪