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10 February 2017

Fresco Finish paints.....

... those bottles of fabulous colours that we all know and love!  92 colours! (not counting the glazes) .. and here they are... (the FrescoFinish fans out there are stroking the screen aren't you! lol don't worry I won't judge lol)

I've tried many ways to keep track of all the colours and I think this is by far the easiest - easy to flick through, easy to store - easier than this which, though very nice, turned out to be totally impractical!!....

and they're really easy to update - as you can see from the photo below I don't have a bottle of Green Patina from Seth Apter's latest paint set and so I've inserted a white tag showing where it should be..- great way of showing which of the colours you're missing.. 
I'd really recommend doing something like this as it reminds you of all the colours and you'll rediscover old (or find new) favourites!

The tags I've used are 6x12cm but you could use smaller tags if you wanted (or larger!)... my tags are threaded onto a big bookring that hangs onto my Ikea trolley... makes me quite happy to see everything neat, tidy, organised and in its place.... ah if I could only say that about the rest of my work room! :o)

I'd love to know if/how you store or log your colours.

Thanks for popping by...



  1. that is a great idea! you are so organised.

  2. That's an awesome idea clever little thing you 😃

  3. Yes, stroking the screen Jo. I have recently bought some tiered stands and my frescos are out on my table and I can now see all of the colours. Before that they were in a box and I had to lift them out to see them. Not got them all yet but have tag envy now that have seen yours! Xx

  4. Thanks Jo. Fab post....so much so I just burned my toast reading it ;-)

    Lesley Xx

  5. Great ideas Jo. Unfortunately I'm nowhere near as organised. Mine are simply in colour order!

  6. Mine are in a (large) drawer, with a ticked off list from PA - which I never take with me when I go shopping so I have a few duplicates!! Lovely class today, actually managed to make 2 cards I can use ie ones without paint splodges or mistakes!! So effective!! See you soon.

  7. Great idea...and it looks so cool too.


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