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My Favourite Things....

No, not the song from The Sound of Music (though that can be quite addictive!)(but sssshhh keep that quiet :o) ) I'm thinking 'favourite things' might be a good idea for a scrapbook/ art journal etc etc etc

So, I have to start thinking & making lists - and I love a list! (but these may not fit on the back of my hand like my shopping and 'to do' lists do ... well I can't forget where I put the list if its on the back of my hand can I ?!

Aaaanyway this was inspired partly by Elsie Flannigan's blog and the questions people had asked her, and partly by clearing out the 80's & 90's music tapes from my attic - I threw out the tapes (ouch) but saved the covers (- well all of the music is available on CD or download so I considered it safe! hhhmmm, yes... course it's safe... hopefully!) (and I saved the REALLY 'important' ones), Elsie had been asked questions by readers about her favourite music and films (which seems to be anything with Ewan McGregor in it by the look of things! lol) (not a bad thing....) but it got me thinking...

... . . . . about Favourite Things.... Documenting what are my favourites at the moment - and it has to be 'at the moment' because in 6 months time I won't like the same (though some will be there...)

So first thoughts on subjects for Favourites Lists:
# 1: Favourite songs / music
# 2: Favourite films
# 3: Favourite year
# 4: Stuff (things you can't catagories but you love!)
# 5: Musicals (its not camp to love musical theatre! Honest!)
# 6: Arty stuff

Now I've seen my list of lists written down I think Favourite Films is the way forward... the subject for my next minibook - Eeeek have just remembered I should probably keep it to a Top Ten! (not like those Channel 4 programmes M & I watch where there are ONE HUNDRED top whatevers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Watch this space............. Any suggestions? - I'm bound to have forgotton a really important film or song, or something that I will kick myself for later.....

west sides story . . . . the way we were . . . . fight club . . . dirty dancing . . . . out of africa . . . . gladiator . . . . moulin rouge . . . . aaaah so many films so little time and space on the list........ oooh I could make it look like film strip - like negatives.... pictures and quotes .... aaaarggh... too many thoughts...... I carried a watermelon!!.....

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  1. Anonymous3:33 pm

    Jo, tsk... you threw out music tapes? Have you not used them to knit (or in my case, crochet) with??? Perhaps I'm the only sad person to have done that?



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