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I love the colours of these lillies - they were just about dead and I was throwing them out but I had to capture their colours - from the pale pink through to an almost lilac/purple - gorgeous.

This is a piece of paper I created in the studio on Saturday - just playing around. A2 piece of white paper with misc bits and pieces collaged on - squared paper, lined paper, dressmaking pattern instructions, music script and book text -there's an art-o-matic stamp on there too! and then dressmaking pattern pieces glued over the top to tie everything together and neutralise it - I like the way you have to look quite hard to see the layers underneath.
Its a work in progress - Its going to be the base for various other projects.....

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  1. Anonymous3:37 pm

    Spooky music time - I've also got dress patterns, which I've been using in all these magnificent designs in my head (those ones always work you know). Love what you did with them.



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