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ooooh I've got GrungeBoard! At last! All hail the mighty Tim Holtz!! lol

I'd seen but not held/touched grungeboard so couldn't really get my head round what this 'wonder stuff' was going to be like - it doesn't tear or warp, you can paint it, distress it etc etc etc.

So, for those of you who haven't held it this is the best comparison I can come up with..... (based on the smell and texture..) a cheap 'leather' handbag - you know the ones where the fabric (which doesn't bend or crease) looks as though its been made from a mix of cardboard and plastic and then had the 'leather effect' top coat added? - well this is what its like but without the leather layer and probably a bit of something added - maybe tyvek.

That's about as clear as mud isn't it! lol

Great stuff though - and you get LOADS in packet! (234 letters, 9 complete fonts)

So exciting.

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