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13 March 2008

Has anyone seen my tin?

I altered a small square tin last year (?) - really nice piece - with a maze concertina book in side featuring photos I'd taken of flowers and using Art-o-matic stamps ... and I've put it somewhere safe (!) and now I CAN'T FIND IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! aaaaaarrgh! and I need it!!!!!!

HAS ANYONE SEEN THE TIN???????????????

I'd show you a photo to prompt a memory but I can't find those either (which is wierd because I photograph EVERYTHING) ... So now I'm beginning to wonder if I'm going mad and I just imagined the whole thing and I haven't actually created it at all ... but I know I have because I've shown it to people! :o)

Finding the tin has become all consuming ...... WHERE IS THE TIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 comment:

  1. it'll be under the clothes in the bedroom next to the ring.