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25 September 2008

Sometimes it takes longer to make one card than it does to make ten!!
I was asked to make a card for a friend's son's birthday - which I'm more than happy to do...... but I find male cards really quite hard... I didn't realise how often I put flowers, gems, ribbons or other 'girlie' items on a card until I came to make a male card!
Must practice and make more mens cards.... which hopefully will be helped by the fact that a man has signed up for one of my courses - I think this will be good for me and the students - a different perspective.

These cards were made from sample/ test pieces I made while preparing for a class using Ranger's Perfect Pearls powders. Love these powders - the way they change colour and react to light - especially when used on black/dark paper.... and they are really versatile - lots of uses....

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