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24 January 2009

Just when everything was going so well....

I really didn't want to make yet another horrible - but right - decision like this again so soon but yesterday we had to have Fredd put to sleep. I'd had him for almost 14 years and a lot's happened in that time and he purred (loudly!) through most of it. He was such an adorable cat. So sad.


  1. Anonymous6:54 pm

    So sorry Jo that you've lost Fredd - but you had him for quite a long time, and he brought much joy. That's what we love about our furry companions, and I'm sure you're other furry friend will help you through.
    Bev x

  2. Anonymous9:51 pm

    I'm so sorry Jo. We had to have ours put down last year and I know how devastating it is. Little lola will ease the pain and soak up all the excess love. X x