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Another 'this n that' posting....

MMmMm Nice! American Crafts felt motifs! I think these lovelies may fit into the 'too nice to use' category! lol I ordered them 'cos they were made out of felt (!) and I wanted to see what they were like - they're very nice. 'nuf said.

I really like Momiji (small) and Kokeshi (larger) dolls - their really simple lines and dress detail. So imagine how chuffed I was with the new Hero Arts stamps featuring similar dolls - and when I get the chance/time/space (!) I may even create something using them! (they've been sitting in my studio space in their packaging for the last 2-3 months) lol I'm thinking that they'll lend themselves nicely to ATCs.....

How could you not love this little face? lol This is Lola inside a 12x12 pizza style (scrapbook paper) box. she does love a cardboard box....
She is a cute cat but much more independent than Fredd was, she doesn't seem to 'need' us. She got herself shut in the bathroom last night (she hides under the zinc floor cabinet) and she was quite happy (apparently!) - didn't cry to get attention to come out or anything.. I only found her because she dashed out when i went in to use the loo... FOUR HOURS she'd been in there! If that was Fredd he'd have meowed himself hoarse after about 15 minutes! lol


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  2. Anonymous4:44 pm

    Girls are always more independant. Also, girl cats aren't as vocal as boys. Bit the same as humans really.... :o)

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