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Its 8.15am....

...and so far this morning I have:

.. ironed 2 shirts & 1 skirt
.. machined embroidered 2 panels ready for my machine embroidery class today
.. checked my emails
.. fed the cat
.. finished (boring but essential) house bits and pieces
.. and found this on Etsy: Its from ShibaNgDesign's shop and if I can produce anything half this gorgeous on my machine embroidery course I will be a happy camper! I'm trying very hard to resist buying it!.... it's soooooooo hard to choose which of her lovely bits I'd most like to have.... :o) and if I did buy it would I actually want to use it - or would it be too lovely to potentially spoil by using (like my lovey purse by Bridget Davies? - again too lovely to actually use - its just there to look at and admire! lol)(and occasionaly touch - but only if my hands are clean! lol)(this is all starting to sound a bit wierd isn't it - but you get what I mean...)(hopefully lol)

All this AND I worked last night (so normally a little more tired)! I realise that some of you may be reading the list stuff I've done this morning and are thinking 'lightweight, its not much at all' but I can assure you I'm not really a morning person (part of my condition I think) and so this for me is good*! Its all to do with the sunshine! (and that I have SHED loads of stuff to do! lol)

*also this is me getting myself used to early starts ready for working in a couple of weekends time when I have to be up, fed, perky and ready to go by 7.45! Eeek! lol Its all going to be good!


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