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quick card...

... sometimes things just come really easily - like this card. I had to rustle this card up quickly for a neighbour and it all just fell into place.. Yeay!** it helps that I seem to have most of the contents of my studio space in our kitchen & workroom at the moment - sorry M (you are very patient*! love you).
So out came the Basic Grey, Bazzill, Peel-offs (yes, peel-offs!), the Slice, the Cuttlebug, the pens, the bling stones and of course a button! Phew! and not a stamp in sight! (maybe that's why it was so quick?!?)
(re the paper button flower - this was inspired by Evalicious over on Etsy. We both make embellishments from felt, paper, stitching and buttons.. and I've punched flowers from text in many shapes but this is the first time I've used this punch with text so this is me acknowledging her! :o) )

*though, for the record, he wasn't quite so patient when we managed to lock ourselves out of our flat on saturday afternoon! I thought he had keys, he thought I had keys - yep you guessed it - neither of us had keys! I laughed - a lot! Well what can you do?! Its not like we were on our way somewhere and we had to be there at a particular time - we were just popping into town..... I saw the funny side of it, M however did not (for a while anyway!) Its the first time he's locked himself out (apparently) but not for me - and I've learned that as long as you've got money and a mobile phone you'll be ok! lol (and an obliging Dad who will bring spare keys and let you in! thanks Dad you're a star!) (more spare keys will soon be distributed amoung family and friends! ...just in case... lol)
M - don't even think about leaving a comment about it being my fault...... ha ha ha I know you too well!!

** I've just delivered the card - the neighbours great neice is going to be NINE (!) not eight! lol (his mistake not mine - phew!) Luckily the number was easily replaced - and lucky it was a die cut and not a stamped number!

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