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23 February 2010

Look what I found in the jewellery shop!

I bought this from a shop in town - I like to go in every-so-often to get some 'junk' jewellery to take apart and re-use on something else - normally arty.. and this is what I came out with today:

look at all those lovely medallion shapes - I'm thinking they'll look great to be made to look worn and verdigris'd.  The centre panel is about 4-5 inches long.  I did try it on - just to make sure I would never want to wear it - too much of a statement piece for me I'm afraid!!

and check out all the metal and pearl strands that have been braided on this choker - and I'm loving the big diamante pearl 'brooch' pieces.... ooooh so many applications...  I tried this one on too (lol) again too much of a statement piece (!)


  1. These are yummy Jo ... I would definitely wear the first one :0)

  2. I meant to say ... I came in search of your finished project ... don't forget to share :0)


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