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28 February 2011



That is the noise of me falling into the water of the lilypond as I sink in shock & shame:  I missed the blog hop!! (why is February so short!!! The end of Feb rushes up doesn't it!)
So I'm really very sorry I don't have anything pretty, inspiring and Banana Froggy for you like the other members of the DT team - nothing interesting to see here I'm afraid   :o(  but if you hop on over to the talented Katy's blog you'll find a very lovely project.

Next month I will have dragged myself out of the pond & I'll be sat on a lilypad proudly waving a superduper project at you!!


  1. He! he! he!, poor you! hope you dry out soon;0) xxx

  2. haha, so glad to see you arent perfick, LOL, how was cinders!!

  3. lol. i think this happens to us all. :-) hope to see your super duper project next month!

  4. This year is just going so fast ... better luck next month.

  5. Whoops - WV is "deject" which is appropriate as I'm dejected not to see something typically gorgeous and inspirational here - but I think you've had a lot on your lilypad recently!